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We do full-charge digital for conservative campaigns... plus...

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Online Activism - Done Right

Secure Your Comms

Nudge the Vote

Our team spent 2 years drafting a major candidate into the US Presidential race.  During a period when most folks in the US were not paying attention to presidential politics at all, we helped produce a major groundswell and a movement that eventually drafted our favored candidate.

We evolved and built on best practices in a rapidly changing digital environment that stopped most campaigns cold.  

If your campaign is encountering major obstacles in meeting your digital goals online, you need to talk to us.


PROCINCT/tails: Securing your comms, particularly your email, is especially important these days when cyber-attacks can com from anywhere.  We give you the ability to boot into a secure environment where your web browsing and email activity is entirely private using Tor and Tails.  

It's a thumb drive (shaped like a credit card for easy carrying) that boots to a secure version of Debian (Linux) that's as easy to use as Windows or a Mac. 

You can make as many copies of this bootable thumb drive as you like for co-workers with no additional license fees.  A self-replication utility is built-in.  Includes a secure offshore email account for 1 year. 

Your communications are either secure or they are not.  No programming or scripting to learn.  Comes with 2 hours of one-on-one training.

Research revealed that when folks' neighbors are aware of a person's voting status and say so, voter turnout improved 98%.

Nudge the vote is a heavy lift, but it's simple: mail or email every voter in the district who has not been voting and show them (redacted) their neighbors who have been voting.  Help neighbors express concern to their neighbors who are not voting.  

It's compelling 'social media' to turn out the vote and it can be delivered in a number of different ways.  Needless to say, this goes only to the voters you want to turn out, and not to those you don't. 

Call or email Ron Robinson if you are interested in 'Nudging the Vote' in your district.


Digital Escrow/Digital Dead Man Switch     Whistleblower Protection 


Maybe you saw Jack Bauer threaten on 24: "If I don't type in the password in 2 minutes, it'll be all over the internet!"  

It's the digital equivalent of the old 'dead man switch' - fail to type in the password on the schedule that you set in advance, and the information archive you have crafted in advance is revealed to the world.  Prior to disclosure, your archive is safe, private, encrypted and non-attributable.  You don't know where it is (unless you want to), and it's secure against attack or compromise.

Yeah, we've done that.


We do database research and hardware fab research:

Mini Tor Router 

Black Boxes and Blue Boxes

Function: anything: surveillance, resource safeguards, event reporting 
Instrumentation: video, temperature, humidity, chemical, anything 
Communication: internet, text messaging, email, Google Drive, Dropbox
Remote Action: by logic or command - servos, semaphores, lighting


Most folks know we're a lab, but most folks don't know that we experiment with a lot more than just databases. 

Our research into operational privacy for political campaigns caused us to produce our PROCINCT/tails product above, and in servicing that market, we discovered significant demand for instrumentation, reporting and response products that go far beyond mere privacy/anonymity on the internet.  If you can think of it, we can probably implement it for you in a black box.


Tor Wireless Router
It looks mostly like your AC power supply sitting next to your notebook at Starbucks, but it's actually a wireless router that places you out on the internet using Tor - the safest, most private, most anonymous way to be present on the internet.  If you're not using our Tails 'credit card' USB drive above to boot Tails and work safely with Tor, then you need this device.  Each device is custom manufactured and programmed to your specifications.



drone.pngWhether you need motion sensing video to watch a stockroom that will report to you privately and anonymously, or a carbon monoxide sensor on a drone quadcopter, we've probably worked before on a solution that will accommodate your needs.



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